Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer School

So in my new found poverty as a US public school teacher, I've landed a job as a summer school teacher (THANK YOU JESUS!!). It's just 18 days of instruction and, thankfully, in kindergarten I only have beginning and end of term testing to do. Although it is hard to test a group of kindergartners who are sent to summer school because they simply could not meet the end of year York County benchmarks of being a Rigby reading level 3, writing full and complete sentences, and being able to independently work at a grade 1 level math (beginning grade 1). The kids are sweet and the instruction is simple but it is a challenge to keep them on task for 2 hours of language development and 2 hours of math instruction. I also LOVE that every day is a half day and every weekend is a long weekend.
So for those of you wondering, that is what I am doing with at least 18 days of my summer... good times!!

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Its a wonderful job, to teach kids and I envy you for it. I am sure your kids will love you. All the best!