Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hedge of Angels

You might call them friends, or even family but through my struggles I've been learning what they really are: a hedge of angels. These are the people that God has put in your life to celebrate with you, to cry with you, to be angry for you when you don't even have the strength for that and, most of all, to love you. I call it a hedge of angels because they surround you and they are trimmed and kept healthy by the only One who can do that. These people are my hedge of angels and I am forever grateful to them and to God for knowing EXACTLY what I need at any given time:

Each one of you has been the kind of person I've mentioned above. You have made a protective shield around me and you've held me close when I needed it. Thank you... I am so grateful and blessed to have you in my life!


Kristen said...

aww, thanks Ang! You've made me teary tonight :o)

Sophia-n-Stephen said...

well this certainly made my day!! :) you know you're part of my hedge, right? I'll call you tomorrow to get caught up... been a bit busy here, but I miss you!

AprilMay said...

XOXO! I want to go to Mexico with you. And where did Harpster's hair go anyway?