Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ho House

So yesterday in an effort to cheer me up, my roommate decided we would treat ourselves to yummy Five Guys cheese burgers (seriously the BEST I've ever had) and some movies in our house with our other good friend. So I did just that because at least I wouldn't have to go out. But then I did have to go out to get the burgers (always nice when your eyes are still recovering in their red puffiness from the previous days' struggle to understand what is next in life). But then we sat and ate our burgers, joked, laughed, vented about life in general and had a great time watching a couple of videos. It was awesome and I felt so cheered that I agreed to go out for a drink and some appies. We hit the Green Leaf where they had an outdoor patio and a couple of guys doing live music. It was great and the martinis hit the spot and brightened my mood... the service of the place sucked, but the company was great. Once we got our buzz on we decided we were ready for location 2. Our friend suggested the Ho House. Now, this cracks me up every time. I really have a hard time going to a place that is called the Ho House without thinking of "ladies of the night." The real name for the place is the Hospitality House. It is near the College of William and Mary and is a hotel with restaurants and bars inside. We had the best time... good drinks, good convo, good music and dancing and loads of funny people to watch!!

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