Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Observations of Strangers

So yesterday I was grocery shopping (I am going back to an Atkins style approach with my diet) when a stranger made an observation about me and it got me thinking. Here is my best recollection of what happened: I was in the ethnic food aisle when an attractive African American man came by and said, "You look so sad... and you are too beautiful to be sad." I, of course, started and then laughed and said "Thank you!" A little later he passed me again in another aisle and said, "I hope that whoever he is, he is taking good care of you!" To which I replied, "He does."

Now, I know that the last part was him hitting on me (which was much always a nice thing to have someone make a pass at you). But it was the first statement that he made (which I also know was part of him hitting on me) that got me to thinking. I don't see myself as a sad person, but he seemed to see that in me. I began to wonder what others see in me that I don't. Have you ever looked at a stranger and seen more about them in that one look than you see about yourself in the mirror? I think I have a time or two... it's interesting what is revealed when we aren't guarding ourselves.

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Yes, that is a very meaningful point you have made. Sometimes when strangers observe something about us, it becomes a new learning for us and perhaps a priceless one too. It helps us to make an evaluation of what we can change in ourselves too.