Thursday, October 22, 2009


Now, I don't know about you but when I see those three letters strung together, there is only one thing that pops in my mind... Shit Outta Luck. But that isn't what they stand for here in Virginia. They actually have educational meaning! Go figure. Here they stand of Standards Of Learning. And they are the prescribed learning outcomes for the state. There are many and they are long and often ambiguous... so I feel SOL sometimes in reaching them with some of my students, but there you have it... SOL... a whole new acronym!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Okay... apparently this bridge is a world wonder. It is over 17 miles long in each direction and has 4 man-made islands. It also has a heap of tunnels too. The pictures show you it all, but it doesn't tell you about the yummy in my tummy fried shrimp we ate at the first island, does it?! No! hahaha Jealous? Well, get on out here!

Harbour Cruise

See, I really was there. It was chilly and windy but it was worth it! Tons of fun! I recommend it to anyone out this way ever. Hope you enjoyed the pics. No real need for explanations.

Not So Far From Home...

Thanksgiving weekend for Canadians was this past weekend. You can check my cooking blog, COOK IT UP, for a show of what I tried to piece together as a meal but this blog is all about teaching and traveling. So I will be posting about 3 posts about that in regards to my Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. My friend, Jen who teaches in NC, came down and we decided to hang out in Norfolk, VA for the weekend. For some reason I am always more at home in a big city or a coastal town. Norfolk (or as pronounced by some of the locals: Naw-fuk), is a pretty cool version of both. It's a city but it isn't disgustingly large (which I do love, by the way), and it is right on the water. It's got it's scarier neighbourhoods and it has the glitzier sections too. We saw it all. I think Naw-fuk will always have a special place in my heart... hehehe Look at the other blogs for pictures of our harbour cruise as well as our trip out to the middle of the waterway.