Saturday, September 1, 2012

Truly International

This is my 15th year of teaching in general, and my 14th year of working internationally.  Not all of my schools have been truly international or even a little international but each has given me good lessons to make me the teacher I am now and so I'm grateful for that.

My current place of employment is the truest international school I've ever seen.  Not only are students from everywhere (and many of dual nationality that aren't even Singapore national combined with a foreign nationality), so are the staff.  This is the first school I've worked in that seems to be concerned with the quality of teacher more than where the teacher is from.  The curriculum is truly international from what I can see so far as well.  There are no SAT prep courses or focuses on any particular national  curriculum.  Instead, students are exposed to a variety of languages, literature and resources in order to be more globally educated and internationally minded.  This is the kind of school that I've dreamt of working for! YAH!  Please be reading in the upcoming days and weeks and I post about technology, Singapore and education.