Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Girls and Bikinis

As a North American growing up, I always thought that bikinis were for the skinny chicks. If you had the right body, you were meant to flaunt it. Then I moved to Asia and that was driven further into me just by being around all those skinny chicks. In fact, I kind of had the feeling that all clothes were intended for the skinny chicks of the world (wait, that may have been because clothing above a size 10 was simply not available when I first moved to Korea). Then came the magic of moving to Oman. It was there that I learned to love and appreciate my curves. It was there that I bought my first 2 piece swimsuit and a love affair was born! After that, I let my my swimwear get smaller and my confidence grow bigger. Now that I am living the the USA (land of the skinny bikini babe), I wondered if I could survive with my confidence and big girl curves. Well, I can and I am here to tell you that you can too! Yesterday I went to the pool at my apartment complex in a bikini. I had to wear my iPod so that I wouldn't hear the uncultured, rude and unnecessary comments of anyone at the pool, but I got there, took off my wrap and layed out in the glorious Virgina sunshine. But guess what, not another soul was at the pool!! hahaha But people did show up near the end of the time I was going to be there, so I felt brave!
So big girls, wear your two piece or one piece suits and be proud!!

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