Saturday, September 26, 2009

Voices and Back To School Night!

This past week has been an interesting one for me. I feel like my students are finally catching on to most of what we have to do each day. They are getting into the routine of our schedule and I am figuring them out and what it is that they need. It's a good feeling for the third week of school! Next week should be even more interesting. We have a Back To School Night on Tuesday for the parents. I am excited for them to come into the room, to see what the kids have been doing and to see some of the improvements and growth in the students already. The only problem is that on Friday I woke up with no voice. I have a little bit of a sore throat and cough, but other than that and the lost voice, I really don't feel like anything is wrong with me. I feel good, in fact. Hopefully I will have my voice back for Tuesday because otherwise, I don't know how I will speak to the parents of my 18 students after having taught for a full day! Make it part of your prayers, people!!

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