Saturday, September 12, 2009

School or Wild?

So this didn't happen in my class or with my students or even when I was out on the playground, but it is worth writing about. Apparently a kindergarten student in one of the other 5 classes at my school decided that he could not wait to go inside to use the restroom. So he dropped trou. and headed to squat on the mulch in the playground. It was time for a number 2 I guess. As another teacher tried to get this child to pull up his pants a little something slipped out of his tush.... hahaha. So glad this wasn't my student... I'd be mortified having to pull up his pants, clean poop off the playground, keep other students from teasing the child in question and then having to tell the parents of that child so they can hopefully reinforce social norms. :)

Silver lining to the dark cloud of my class is that it wasn't this class!!

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Tassie Rachel said...

That is a great story, especially when the student isn't in your class! I didn't realise your school was so big, 6 kindergarten classes is a lot. I am working at the creche at church this morning, I hope I don't encounter the same problem ;-)