Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 3... when will Day 180 get here?!

Is it too early to begin the countdown to the end?! I think so, but I am really struggling this year. I like the kids as people but as students... well, it is killing me. I've never had a group with so few skills and understanding. And when I say skills, I mean speaking in full words, sentences and intelligible type stuff. Walking, that's a skill that some seem to lack as well. *sigh* I might be exaggerating a little but I've never struggled like this. So if you are one who prays, get started... if you are not, start or send me lots of positive thoughts. So far, not only am I counting down to the end of this year, but to the end of my classroom time. I've never thought so seriously about it as I have in the last day or two...
I know it will get better, it has to!

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AprilMay said...

Love your classroom, shudder at the lack of skills. Girl, you don't have to quit teaching entirely. Just move up to higher's like a completely different job! Or give yourself a break and take a year or two off. You deserve it!!