Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Taking It With Me

As I begin to pack and prepare to get on the plane (just a few days now before I take off!!!), I have to think about what I will take with me and what I won't. And today, I am struck by the thought that they are one in the same. I will take with me the memories and love of my family and friends here but I will also leave them behind in a physical sense.

This past weekend we had our annual family gathering of the Collins side. I love this gathering and I am rarely able to attend because of where I am living or finances or both. This year, not only was I able to be there, but ALL of my cousins were there. What a wonderful time. I truly love my family and I even like them and not everyone can say that. I am thankful for the time of reconnection with them so that I can selfishly take new memories with me as I head out for my next great adventure in international teaching.


AprilMay said...

Memories are the best souvenirs!! :) I will be praying for a safe trip and I CANNOT WAIT to hear all about your new adventures! XOXO!

Kristen said...

Enjoy your next adventure - I look forward to your many tales!