Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flight Etiquette

So yesterday I arrived in Turkey, the place I will be calling home for the next two years or so. But as I took the 3 flights that it took for me to get here, I began to form an idea of what the rules for going on a plane should be... now bear in mind that on a plane you are sharing close quarters with strangers and a LOT of recycled air... so here are my thoughts:

1. Don't eat foods that make you really gassy the days leading up to your flight. Five hours of smelling your bowels does no one any favours. (I was so nauseous after my flight from Vancouver to Toronto that I thought I wouldn't make it... the guy next to me let one go at least every 5 minutes... so so so so gross)

2. If you are sick with a cold, WEAR A FACE MASK!! Listening to you hack and cough (so maybe, just maybe, take some medicine before the flight and bring some with you for the flight) for an additional 8 hours does nothing for the sleep of the other passengers... not to mention the germ spreading that is going on. (I am so holding the old hackers on my Toronto to Munich flight responsible for any phlegm that might occur in me over the next few days)

3. If you are traveling with young children and they don't fly well, don't be afraid to use some dramamine or Benadryl or SOMETHING to help them sleep. Flying is really uncomfortable for kids... they are confined to a small space, they can't run around and play, the altitude changes are hard on their little ears and it's hard to sleep in a seat or mommy's lap. Help them (AND THE REST OF US) out by helping them sleep a little... helps you out later too as they will be better rested on the other end and so will you!! (Okay, what I really think - and this sounds awful coming from one who has dedicated her LIFE to working with kids - is that there should be a family section on the plane... like the back section should be all for families... they should have a little play area where kids can roam etc because it's annoying as all get out to have a toddler grab you in the aisle as they pass when you are sound asleep, never mind the screaming all the time... can you tell there were MANY unhappy babies on my flights?!?!)

4. BE POLITE!! Pushing and shoving to get your seat or to get off the plan doesn't help you get anywhere that much faster. Say please and thank you to the air staff.... they have a tough job to do, they deserve your courtesy.

So what I am saying is be on your best behaviour, because even though you may not see those people on the plane ever again, you might and if we all abide by my little rules, traveling would be much more pleasant for everyone!!


Shaun Guthrie said...

First off glad you made it safe and sound.

Second the guy farting, wtf?? You hold it! Who ever said you were allowed to let farts go on the plane??? Either that or make a lot of trips to the bathroom. I would have said something. That's disrespectful and flippen GROSS!

I agree with the kids thing and we WILL be doing that if need be.

AngelaMae said...

Shaun... it was so gross... I did say something... and I used my notepad to wave the air back at him!! hahahaha... makes for a funny story later, but at the time, I was willing for an oxygen mask to drop from the ceiling!!

AprilMay said...

I guess I was boys had no trouble sleeping on the flights! Of course, they always slept on me so I couldn't get any sleep!

Tassie Rachel said...

What did he say when you made a comment to him? So horrible and rude. There was a blogger earlier in the year who suggested a family only airline and got thousands of replies! They do have pet only airlines...

Kristen said...

That is one reason I fly Westjet, they seat all the families with small children together because we're all in the same boat...of course you can't fly Westjet to Turkey