Monday, August 23, 2010

Ah... A Mixed Voltage Life

So one of the hazards of living internationally is getting all your electronic devices to sync up. I haven't had too much of an issue for the most part but this is the first school that I've worked for that doesn't give you a power converter or provide a way for you to get one cheap. This is also the first year I've owned a Nook E-Reading device. I bought it to save on luggage for getting reading materials here. When I got it, I made sure that it could charge on my computer because I would be in a 220 volt world and the device is 110 volt. I was assured that this is what it is built for and all that jazz. When I got it home, I charged it on my computer to be sure and it worked well... but now that I have it in Turkey, it won't charge at all. So I guess I need to get a power converter in order to charge it. Oh well!! I needed one for my toothbrush anyway! :)

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