Sunday, July 4, 2010

The LONG Drive

So I am finally home in my parent's house. It took 6 days of driving (with one day of sight seeing worked into that). It was a long but beautiful drive. Below are some pictures of the scenery as seen from my cell phone.

This is a picture of my dad's truck full of my stuff. In there is my opium bed, my queen sized bed, my desk and more boxes than should ever fit in a truck. They are all puzzle pieced together in the amazing giant box extension that my dad built in the parking lot of my Virginia apartment. He truly is the coolest. This is us driving through VA or West VA.

This is the view I got if I tried to look in my rearview mirror. So much crap stuffed in the back of my car!! Thankfully my friend Chanda helped to pack it. I was so overwhelmed.

Here we are over the prairies somewhere. They all looked the same after about 1 hour. It was hard for me to stay awake. I kind of get bored easily, so the prairies are not a favourite for me.

From Wall, SD. This is in Wall Drug. A really kitschy place that I enjoyed. The next day we went to see Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. You can see my post about them for the pictures of that. I will say that Crazy Horse is going to be the most amazing thing when it is done... it is going to be more than a monument, it will be a museum and educational center for ALL native peoples in North America. It is also funded completely on donations... so check it out!!

More prairies... *sigh* There sure are a lot of them....

This is the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State. It is gorgeous. And you literally do drive through the clouds. The rain you see isn't rain, but mist from driving through the clouds. I felt so at home at this stage.

Ah... VANCOUVER!!! This is going down Granville St.

I had to take a picture of the new mailboxes in the city. They have postal codes all over them. And the other reason is because they are all over the place!! One of my biggest pet peeves about the US is that there aren't enough drop box locations. *sigh* Home sweet home.

It is a very long drive, but completely worth it. Although I recommend having a friend or family member in the car with you during the prairies!! hahahaha. Thank goodness for my iPod and CDs.

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Kristen said...

I'm impressed you did it in 6 days. It took mom and I 8 to go from Abby to SJ (Ontario takes forever!) granted we did a little touring in Ottawa and Quebec City...