Thursday, August 6, 2009

For Sophia And Stephen

When I think of love, lots of different images come to mind. Some images are soft and beautiful, some are hard and rough, some are bright and airy and some are dark and clouded. But the image to the left was made with one couple in mind. My friends Sophia and Stephen met in Korea through another friend, Chris. And the more that they got to know each other, the more they loved each other until they finally decided to meld their lives together in marriage. The wedding will be in Mexico on August 14th and this is one of my wedding presents for them. The other gift, they already have. The image of love here is both light and dark. The dark surrounds the branches of the tree, but the moon blesses them with light and the flowers and leaves are bathed in the light. This is how I see Sophia and Stephen... they are like the branches, strong but fragile and intricate at the same time. They are coming from and going in the same direction and they are forever intertwined. The moon represents the blessing of God shining over them and bathing the new opportunities and growth in their lives with blessing. I hope they enjoy the painting. As the artist, I am never satisfied with it, but I feel like it is the closest I can get to the image in my mind. It is titled "Sarang" which is the Korean word for love.

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AprilMay said...

It's perfect and beautiful and it made me tear up! Take what Mexico has to offer, and spend some time alone when you need a break. Most of all, remember that we all have crosses to bear. And no one writes about their problems on Facebook! I mean seriously. My updates would be like:

Lance won't get his damn butt off the frickin chair and get a job.

I've been married 19 years and this year sucks.

The bank is going to take my house.

My children have no health insurance yet.

Etc, etc! Honestly this year has been so crappy for so many people that I know. What is it with 2009 anyway? Bring on 2010!!!

Your friends will love and cherish that painting!