Saturday, August 2, 2008


It seems like when you are international in any job there is a lot of waiting. Waiting to leave one place for another, waiting to get your stuff shipped, waiting for the final goodbyes, waiting for the last pay cheque, waiting for that last flight out, waiting to get to where you are going, waiting for that shippment to come in, waiting to unpack your stuff, waiting to get started, waiting, waiting, waiting... I guess it is the nature of the beast. Well, I've been waiting now for my final retirement payment from the Korean government to hit my Canadian bank account and it finally did... WOO HOO!!! The woo hoo is so big because that money is what I had planned to use for my relocation... you know, security funds and for buying all the new things I would need. Instead, I am using my visa like she were going out of style and I am paying it out of my account as I go along... watching my account dwindle from something pretty nice to something pretty little... *sigh* But the money came in and all is not lost... back on track... waiting for the next step in beginning my new US job.

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