Sunday, August 3, 2008

Assembly required...

The famous words on the box read that assembly was required but that tools were not. This was on the 5 shelf bookcase I bought from Target today... I bought it because my books are currently scattered across the livingroom floor. I also bought a rice cooker, a toaster oven, a kettle, bodum coffee maker, some wine, and some other kitcheny stuff that I didn't have. Seems like all I have done since I arrived in the US is spend money getting this aparment in order. But anyway, I got the other things unpacked, set up and good to go without any fuss or muss... then came the bookshelf. Oh.... the bookshelf... *sigh* I followed the directions to a 'T', except for the part that said this was a 2 person job... how can it be a 2 person job if there is only one person in the apartment? And only one person that I really know on a Sunday to do the job (me, in case you hadn't guessed). So I did the best I could, but there is a tiny (like not eevn 1/2 a millimetre) space between one shelf and the side and this makes the whole thing slightly unstable and crooked, even though all the other shelves are at 90 degree angles with NO spaces between shelves and sides... how does this work?! Can some brainiac tell me? Actually, I don't really want to admit that I couldn't do it perfect, but I guess I have to. At least the unit has shifted on it's own or fallen. It is flush against the wall and basically straight for now... I can't wait for my dad to see it in a couple of weeks and fix it for me... now, I need to tell you that I did put together 2 standing lamps and a fan on my own, no assistance needed and they work great! So, you see, I am capable, well... mostly! hahaha

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Sophia-n-Stephen said...

You are hysterical... good thing you picked up some wine too!! :)
THE APARTMENT LOOKS GREAT! I'm so jealous that you have a washer/dryer in unit... NIIIICE.

Love, Sophia