Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's English they speak here... right??

Okay... I KNOW it is English they speak here, but it sure doesn't feel like it sometimes. Yesterday I went to BestBuy to buy a wireless router for my internet and I asked one of the sales clerks to help me... I don't think he understood anything I asked him because the general response I got was a shoulder shrug and a mumbled, "I guess." I got the router, brought it home and followed the CD directions to the letter (even had little pictures) and still an error popped up and I lost my entire internet connection. *sigh* Just when I was starting to feel successful about my independent spirit and ability to overcome these obstacles, I learned the cell phone I bought in Canada and had changed over to T-Mobil didn't work. Apparently my number wasn't registered. So, now I couldn't even call the internet people to get help. My phone said I could call collect, so I tried to call my parents collect to at least vent my frustrations, but apparently in the US of A, calling collect means you need to have a calling card and/or password. *sigh* So I gave up, read a book and went to bed.
Today, I got up, decided that I would learn to speak American eventually, would not get down-hearted by all the setbacks of the previous day and headed out for T-Mobil. The guy there was as confused as I was about my phone (which was a relief, because it meant that he too spoke English as well as American... a translator at last!!). Turns out that my phone (from CANADA) is too advanced for the system here in the US. They won't have that online until October sometime, maybe... but the T-Mobil guy is trying to find a way around it to help me get that up and running. And the Cox telephone guy dropped by to hook up my telephone and then helped me get my internet (wireless) up and running. So today was a better day, but I still have yet to learn American... but mark my words, just like I learned all the important words in Korean (swearing, shopping and direction related words), so will I learn to speak American!!!

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AprilMay said...

Girl, customer service in Asia spoils you for America, that's for sure!
You are too funny!