Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Apartments

So this is what it's like when you move to the US of A with some of your stuff, but not all and you are madly rushing about buying stuff and trying to find places for it but you kinda need all that stuff you are waiting for so that the apartment looks nice and not chaotic... stay tuned, there will be apartment completed pictures coming at the end of August, early September!!!

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AprilMay said...

Um, VIRGINIA?? WTH??? GIRL!!! What's wrong with the Pacific NW hmmm??? I know...too familiar to you right?
Email me! I want to hear this whole story! Who is this group that found you the job? Are you at a public school? How do you think the teachers are going to feel about the school feeling like they have to hire non-US teachers? (They might be defensive...) I have tons of questions!
Plus, you need someone to talk to when you begin to miss Korea! I've been back for three years and still miss it!