Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Pink Kindergarten Fairies

This is not my school, but the home of the pink kindergarten fairies. Let me tell you how this all came about. Earlier this week, I was made to attend yet another 2 day session of professional development (I think the York County teachers must be the MOST and BEST professionally developed group of teachers I have ever known). At one of the sessions that I attended, I ended up seated next to the two kindergarten teachers at the above school. We got to talking and they asked about me, where I was from, where I would be teaching and so on. Once they found out I was new to the area, they asked me about how I was finding things and I found myself being very honest about how little I had in my classroom and how little I had to supply the room with. The two ladies seemed shocked and told me not to spend another dime, that at the next PD day (which was just another day away) they would have some materials for me. And today, they came through. Their staff has hot pink staff shirts (hence the name of Pink Kindergarten Fairies) and then came with 2 boxes and a giant bag full of blocks, paper, glue, hand sanitizer, and a bunch of things I wouldn't have had in my room without them. So hats off to the Pink Kindergarten Fairies.... they are heroes in my books!!!


Sophia-n-Stephen said...

WOW!! That's amazing... you gotta love people like that!
Don't forget to post pictures of YOUR school too. I want to see everything!
Love, Sophia

AprilMay said...

Did you start teaching yet? I just realized I don't know what grade you are teaching this year, LOL! Post an update!
Oh get the prayer bulletin from NICS...possible DUBAI school! How cool would that be! Wonder if it will pay/how much??