Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gorgeous Antalya

Turkey is full of wonderful places to visit and loads of things to see. I've been here a year and traveled to a few of these places but the more I see, the more I want to see. And the best part is that when you live here, it is AFFORDABLE!! One of the greatest places is Antalya. It's right on the Mediterranean Sea and is beyond beautiful! Below are some pictures of my time there. I highly recommend it as a place to relax!!

This is part of the old bazaar in the area that winds up from the harbour all the way up to the top. It's beautiful, perhaps one of the nicest bazaars I've seen so far.

There was a man repairing carpets outside his shop in the bazaar. I love the thought of how the old things are revered and cared for here.

When you come out of the top of the bazaar you are next to the mosque or camii in the heart of the city, or the old city at least. It's beautiful and the grounds surrounding it are lovely as well.
From near the mosque, if you look out towards the water, this is what you see... a hillside, crammed full of shops, houses, hotels, restaurants and cafes. It's actually quite beautiful.

A little further along is the harbour. I walked all the way down there (there are steps and a road). It was beautiful.

At the harbour there are oodles of little restaurants, cafes and these boats. They are all eager to have you join their tours for various prices and lengths of time. And just like everything (or almost) in Turkey, the price is negotiable. The boat that I took was supposed to be out for a 45 minute tour of the harbour area (that was all I wanted to see) and the price started at 70 Euros. I ended up paying 30 Turkish Lira and got my drink for free and I am SURE that more bargin savvy people could get a better deal than I did. The down side is that they wait until they have a good number of people on the boat. Some bigger boats fill up faster but at the same time, this was not crowded and very nice.

Here I am... waiting for my boat to go out... it was a good chance to work on my tan... bring SUNSCREEN... the sun here is POWERFUL!!

On the way, you will see little coves like this, waterfalls and even hotels and restaurants built into the cliffs. AMAZING!

And one of my favourite parts of the trip was seeing this guy... *sigh* happiness!!

So go... go to Turkey and go to Antalya... it's worth it!!


AprilMay said...

OK I'm coming!!!! :) OMGosh I would love to come see you and travel around Turkey!

Tassie Rachel said...

I'm coming too! It looks gorgeous. The weather is pretty cold in January, though isn't it?

AngelaMae said...

Just you wait until I post pictures from Izmir, Ephesus and Pammukale next week!!!
And yes, Rachel, it can be cold in Ankara in January but the south is warmer... not jump in the water warm, but warmer than put your parka on!! ;)

Kristen said...

Love it!