Sunday, June 19, 2011

Too Young to Dance?!

So when was your first school dance? I think mine was a class dance party in grade 5. And then the first real dance came in Junior High. I remember worrying about what to wear, how to act, who would be going, who might or might not ask me to dance. I remember it being anti-climactic because I'd had just a little TOO much anticipation about what might or might not happen.

Well here in Turkey, school dances can begin as early as PRE-KINDERGARTEN!! Yup.... you read right... At the school I work out, the student council wanted to have a "Disco" to help raise funds for future projects. They planned it with the help of the adults, advertised it and sold tickets. Some of us teachers volunteered to chaperone (who doesn't want to see their students boogie down?!?!), and it was a go. I volunteered to watch the grade 1-3 hour and here is a little of what it looked like:

Yup... that's right, you do see a smoke machine, balloons and a professional DJ! The kids were coiffed (one even wore his rayban shades inside) and ready to party! And they made the most of the hour they had. The sang, danced, ate pizza and screamed when there was a song they liked.

Best part? The song selection. Being that this is NOT an English speaking country, lots of people here don't speak, read or understand English but they love the sound of English pop music for dancing. So amongst the great Turkish songs were things like: "Sex on the Beach" "I Kissed a Girl" "S&M" and a whole host of other songs that were crazy for little kids to listen too... but the kids didn't notice and just us stick-in-the-mud responsible adults did... no harm done!


AprilMay said...

Aaack! That is too funny! LOL!

Kristen said...

It totally took me by surprise when I moved to the Maritimes and found one of the big fundraisers was the primary sock hops - the kids love them

AngelaMae said...

I remember there being a sockhop during lunch etc, but this is different... I mean, it's after school, there are kids all dressed up special, lights, fog machines... it was outrageous! I loved it!!! hahahahaha