Monday, June 20, 2011

The Case of the Turkish Cat Burglar

Okay... so there really wasn't a robbery, but it sure felt like it this weekend. On Saturday I came home from a day out in town to find my balcony door (which was shut when I left) wide open. I thought it was odd, but assume the wind had blown it open as it was a little gusty at times.

Then last night (or really this morning at 3:47 exactly) I woke to the sound of thumps and bumps INSIDE my apartment. I got up (which always makes me think of the time in the horror movies when the girls go to see what's causing the noises and then die... I'm the one who screams at them to stop being stupid) and looked around my apartment to find my front door and balcony door wide open. I then checked my apartment over and nothing was missing. So I closed and locked both doors (Turkish doors can't be opened from the outside without a key whether you lock it or not, so I usually don't bother when I am home), went into my bedroom, kept the light on and pretended to sleep.

Then when I got up for work, I heard a meow outside my door. A little black cat wanted to come back out the way she came in... hm... Needless to say, I did NOT let her back through... So even though none of my belongings were stolen, my sleep was!


Katrina said...

If your front door doesnt open from the outside, how do you get in? LOL

Glad you (and your belongings are ok!)

AngelaMae said...

We have to have keys... it's a little odd and EASY to lock yourself out but it works!