Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Telephone Translations...

Living in a foreign country is often hard and mostly amusing. It's made even more so when there isn't a shared language or culture. To illustrate just how funny it can be, I am going to give you the phone conversation I had yesterday in making an appointment for a waxing:

Me: Hello?
Spa: Hello.
Me: I'd like to make an appointment.
Spa: English no!
Me: Is there anyone who speaks English?
Spa: Bir Daka (one minute)
Spa: Hello?
Me: Hi... I'd like to make an appointment.
Spa: What?
Me: Can I make appointment? (I am now beginning to drop any unnecessary words)
Spa: Yes, you can do that.
Me: Thank you. Is Saturday okay?
Spa: Yes, um... hm... yes, Saturday okay. What you have to do?
Me: I need to get a wax.
Spa: Wax? What is wax?
Me: Hair removal... I need to take out hair.
Spa: Laser?
Me: No, waxing.
Spa: You must define this waxing, I don't know what you mean.
Me: Is this the spa?
Spa: Yes, it is spa, I don't understand you waxing. What means waxing?
Me: Um... (trying desperately not to crack up) well, you put hot wax on the body and then rip it off and all the hair comes too.
Spa: AH!! Waxing! Okay... what time?

hahahaha really? I couldn't keep it straight. I lost it at that point but was able to book a time for my waxing. Gotta love when things get lost over the phone.


Tassie Rachel said...

We need an update on Saturday to see if you really do have a waxing appointment! said...

Great story! LOL!