Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to go to the city of Eskişehir with a group of new friends. Eskişehir means "old town" in Turkish but I didn't find anything about it old. It was a beautiful city that is easily accessible from Ankara by the high speed train (takes approximately 90 minutes and is 16 TL each direction). The city is FULL of college students and when we were there there was a basketball tournament (actually the catalyst to us going there, GO HACETEPPE!!!) and a dragon boat race going on. The city was teeming with people and the streets were crowded with young people. Most people we bumped into or that worked at restaurants and bars spoke English well enough that we could have gotten by. When you are there, you HAVE to go to the riverside, eat some çiğbörek which the city is famous for. You should also try to go to Traveller's Cafe... the food is excellent, the service was great and the decor was just fun and international. And if nightlife is your thing, then Club 222 is where it is at!! There is nothing in Ankara that even comes close to the kind of place it is... amazing. Below are a few pictures from our time in the city to wet your appetites for going... I highly recommend it!!

It might look a little like Venice, but I assure you, it's Turkey!

Me... the statue... making friends in the glorious sunshine!!

The big open streets and promenades alongside the river were simply amazing... it was a VERY European feeling place.

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