Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ulus, Ankara

So yesterday it was time to get my shop on (I have people coming to visit me and some VIPs at home to send things too-that's right family... you are the VIPs) and so the girls, one of the boys and I hit up the older section of the city called Ulus. If you remember my post about Roman Ankara, it is the same general vicinity and there are some pretty cool museums over there too. However, yesterday was not about seeing the sights, but about purchasing a few goodies for the people I know and love. Even though I wasn't playing tourist, there were just some great photo ops and I wanted to share them with you... you know, just in case you ever wanted to come out this way but thought there wasn't much to see in Ankara as opposed to Istanbul or one of the more famous touristy areas. So enjoy the photos and my little commentary on a day of shopping in what is becoming my favourite area of the city:

This was taken near the end of the day, but I love the view that the Ulus area offers of the rest of the city.

Some of the gorgeous lanterns that they sell. There were tons more and I loved them all.

I am not sure what this is exactly, but looks like some pretty nasty dog collars to me. Just seemed so out of place with the other shops around it. Ulus sells lots of artsy stuff, lots of antiques and traditional wares, but they also have all your basic household stuff covered too.

Looking up the street. I love the cobblestoned streets in this area. Actually, lots of the smaller streets in different areas of town are still cobblestone. Also, this is a well traveled two way street for cars... It's a zoo!!

A nice way to recycle that old shoe!!

Simit!!! This man was carrying warm, bagel like bread treats on his head, through the streets and was kind enough to let us all take a picture. He was so sweet and so we bought some of the simit from him. They are so tasty!!

Looking down one of the streets that is filled with shops.

This street is on the way up to the citadel/castle. It has some really need little shops that I really liked.

This is a typical store in the area. Loved it, but this particular one was quite expensive.

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