Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Spirit

I think that is the first international school that I have worked at where a sense of community and school spirit is lacking. It's not lacking between staff, but between the students and the connections between students and staff... and not all the way around either, I hate to make that grand of a generalization, but there you go, I have! Anyway, myself and the other girl's basketball coach had our team over for dinner tonight. It was a blast and the girls are simply wonderful!! We ate, we laughed, we shared and what they shared was and overwhelming sense of no school spirit. They want it but are looking to the staff and administration for some direction. I know that the staff and admin have it, but somehow we aren't connecting to the kids. What can we do? I felt like today was a nice first step, but there has to be more and I know several staff and making inroads and outreaches to the kids, but we have to do more, we have to build the fire, start the spark and fan the flames. The school wants to be more international and struggles to produce and environment that appeals to international students and parents and I think this is a big part of that...
Anyway, just some random ramblings... any thoughts or suggestions or past success stories at other such schools would be SO appreciated!!!

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