Monday, September 27, 2010

The Language of Exercise

So when you move to a foreign country where you don't speak the language it can be a challenge to figure out the things you'd like to do. Here at Bilkent University, we are offered a plethora of things to do for free or little cost because we are university employees. We even get regular emails from the university in both English and Turkish. This makes the decision process very helpful.
One of the great things that we can take advantage of while here is the sport facilities for free and a ton of classes for the same rates that the students pay, which is pretty little. So... to make a long story short (is it too late for that? maybe), a bunch of ladies that I work with and I decided that we wanted to sign up for a class in the gym closest to us called Aeromix Pilates. The description for the course was something like: a combined class of aerobic activities and pilates with interesting teaching techniques. Not knowing what to expect, we decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a whirl.
Today was the first day of class. I was the first of the foreigners there and I laid down mats for my friends and waited as it filled with Turkish female students and my friends... and we waited... and we waited. It started about 10 minutes late (no biggie... this is Turkey, it runs on it's own time it seems). The instructor breezed into the room... a male instructor and he got right to work explaining how things go... ALL IN TURKISH!! Hahaha. The rest of us had a good laugh because we couldn't do anything until we saw someone do it. But it's great! The workout is awesome and just 50 minutes long and I was hurting by the end for sure. I think the instructor gathered that we didn't quite follow because he took more time and really demonstrated stuff. See, exercise is like a language of it's own. It was like that in Korea when we (three other friends and I) took Tae Kwon Do... those lessons were all in Korean and we still ended up with black belts!! I don't think there is a black belt in pilates... I am sure that black belt worthy abs are in store for me!! That and learning some more Turkish... oh, and, did I mention that the instructor was hot? Fun times... ;)

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