Saturday, September 18, 2010

Global Responsibility

If there is one thing I have learned from all my years overseas, it's that the world is indeed a small place and we are blessed to share it with one another. The more I travel, the more I feel aware of this and how much of a responsibility we all share in caring for the planet and for each other. Regardless of our race/religion/creed/ethnicity or whatever else, it all boils down to this: we are humans, we bleed the same and have the same basic needs for survival (yes, I am aware that those needs can look different based on where we are). One thing that has made be really aware of this is all the disasters that have been happening. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming to think of all the suffering and being so far away from those places, I often wonder what I can do to help out. Well... the answer came from a good friend of mine. Sherilyn is doing her part to help by shopping! WHAT?!?! Yes, that's right. She is shopping in such a way that proceeds go to places where the need is great, you can even purchase aid for the people in those far reaching places. So this year, when you think of what to get friends and family for different celebrations, think about visiting these sites:

Made By Survivors

The Hunger Site

Ten Thousand Villages

Thanks Sherilyn for posting these sites and for helping me be MORE aware of my responsibility to my fellow humans and as someone who shares this earth!

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