Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bones, Bones, Dem Bones!!

So every once in a while my friend Charity and I meet up and go for a walk. It's a great chance to wander the campus, get some exercise and just talk. I really enjoy her company and it's good to get off my duff and just get outside. So the other day we took a new route and just wandered this big loop, which was really cool. As we were making the return part of the loop we noticed a little something odd... bones. Yep, bones! They were huge bones like the one in the picture and they were strewn about the area. This isn't the first time I've seen bones like this... I also saw the remnants of a ribcage of what can only be a cow or animal of that size. Now, don't get all freaked out people. There are packs of wild dogs in the area and we can only assume that they killed some animal and then took it in parts to different areas to eat them. No, the wild dogs aren't scary or a problem. We have one who lives on east campus with us. He's called Lira and people often feed him. He's really sweet and runs off all the other wild dogs in the area.... so he keeps it safe for his people here. He's also captured once a year and vaccinated (his ears are tagged so that they know he's been vaccinated and when). Some of the other dogs have been vaccinated the same way too...
Anyway... just thought I'd share one of the more random moments here in Turkey with you!!

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