Friday, September 3, 2010

The Classroom

So I am sure that many of you are wondering what it's like in my school. I've been busy and without internet for a couple of days at home, so I've been a bit lazy about posting. Sorry for that, but can I use the excuse that I've been busy soaking up the experience? Would that satisfy? Below are some pictures of my classroom without the kids in it. I do have pictures of their sweet selves in it too, but I need to check on how okay it is to post those before I do.

This is from the student area looking towards the carpet and teacher desks.

This is the corner stone of what we do. We teach these kids to exhibit all these characteristics so that they become more internationally minded people.

In the student desk area looking towards the board and my slightly crooked word wall.

In the student area looking towards our bilingual Unit of Inquiry board where the kids put up all the stuff they are learning. It's awesome!!

From the carpet/teacher area looking towards the student area.

Our room is one of the smallest in the school but it's just right for my teaching partner, Nilay, and I. It's cozy and easy to monitor the students. There is a wonderful amount of light and open space for the kids and for us. Some of the rooms are huge and really lovely, all have loads of windows and lots of natural light. And some even have balconies!! It's a great place to be... so come and visit me!!! ;)


AprilMay said...

I LOVE it! I agree that it looks cozy and I like the two designated areas. Awesome!

international school of myanmar said...

Woo-hoo! I can see your blogs, because I'm in a Bangkok for a few hours today! Did you have to bring/make the bulletin board stuff for the learner characteristics and units of inquiry, or was that stuff provided?

international school of myanmar said...

Oops! It's Emily.