Monday, August 3, 2015

Driving SItes

Bangladesh is a colourful place with lots to look at when the monsoon rains aren't rearing their ugly heads.  I won't say that Dhaka is a beautiful city but there sure is beauty to be found there, as well as the quirky, and downright dangerous.

The other day driving home from school we saw monkeys on the road, cows grazing in a small paddock next to apartment buildings under construction as well as just on the road in general.  We also saw street dogs and cats as well as the odd goat along the roadside.  The most amazing site had to be the commuter train with people sitting on the top, on the outside!!!  What?!  Unfortunately, it was dark and my camera phone was buried in my purse.  I tried not to make that same mistake today as I rode to and from school.  Here are a few shots:

A type of rickshaw.  Apparently several students will come to school this way.

I was trying to get those big bales behind the man, they were on the back of a bicycle!!!

Beautiful sari'd ladies in the street this morning. 

The buses, people ride on top of these too!

An amusement park close to the school.  Don't worry, Mom, I have no intention of testing out those rides.

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