Sunday, August 2, 2015

Colour Overload

So I've just been in Dhaka a few days and I've let the colours get me down rather than bring me up. Not the beautiful colours of the saris, or the amazing rickshaws:

Not even the bright colours in school (which I love), but the colours in my new place. They aren't my style and I've certainly obsessed about how much they aren't my style. I've let in get in the way of how gloriously big my new flat is and how nice it is to have a neighbour. I've let the colours I dislike rule some of my conversations with people I really like. And while I'd still like to paint over them, maybe my lesson to take away is that I choose how they make me feel. So I need to choose better, it's part of the process of living overseas.
Wall paper in the dining space

Corridor and dining/living room

Master bedroom

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