Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Exciting Expat Life

Just in case you thought that all us foreign expats are out there running around doing exciting and exotic things all the time, I thought I'd post this:

This was how I spent the better part of my evening on Monday night. Yes, that's right, I defrosted my little teeny freezer. Not all fridges in Turkey are like this anymore but those of us blessed with a slightly older model are also blessed with this chore. So this was what it looked like when I first started... I'd done a little scrapping and work with my hairdryer so it was a little worse than this.

This is what it looks like now... well, with a bottle of Grey Goose and a box of fish in there. Sounds lame, I know, but it was exciting to get this done. It was pretty quick too. I followed the sage advice of my mother and kept putting boiling pots of water in there to steam and melt the ice. It took about 2 hours of changing pots and the occasional pulling off of ice and blasting with the hair dryer to get it done, but it was pretty easy.

So the next time you envy your expat friends who are off living some grand adventure in your minds, revisit this post... it's not all adventures and exotic locations with crazy interesting things happening all the time. Sometimes it's just doing laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning the dishes and defrosting freezers.


Kristen said...

Our first apartment in Saint John had a freezer like this - it was horrible - that and the fridge part couldn't keep anything cold so we lost so many groceries - the top to freezer burn and the bottom to going 'off' - it made me so appreciative of your everyday good ol' fridge.

Suvada said...

Hi AngelaMae! I was just curious...what school do you teach at? I will be moving to Ankara this summer to start a teaching job.

AngelaMae said...

Hi Suvada... thanks for reading my blog, first of all!! I'm at BLIS which is attached to Bilkent University... if I can be of any help to you as you prepare to settle in Ankara, let me know... I'd be more than happy to share info with you and help you get connected!

Suvada said...

Thanks for your reply!! I will be at Ozel Bilkent Primary School... so we are on the same campus I'm pretty sure! I would love to keep in touch.

AngelaMae said...

Suvada... you will be just down the hill from my school, they are both on Bilkent University East Campus but the schools don't do a lot together. You will most likely live on East Campus housing which is where I am and it's pretty good... Welcome to Ankara... you can email me at amec_10@hotmail.com if you have questions about the city etc... make sure to put something in the subject line because I have my filters set pretty high. Good to meet you!