Saturday, January 22, 2011

Groceries... delivered!!!

I've come to view Turkey as the place of great deliveries. There is a website that allows you to order from just about every restaurant in the city and it organizes that it is delivered to your door. And it is in English too and VERY efficient and helpful (especially on the nights you just can't be bothered to cook). And then a colleague introduced me to online grocery shopping! And, guess what? It's in English too. You have to sign up, but it's fairly simple and once you sign in and shop, you can pick a delivery date and window of time that works best for you. Since it was my first time, I chose a Saturday morning (allowing me to sleep in a little, get some cleaning done and read). They arrived right in the window of time (just about smack dab in the middle of it) and the man carried all the bags up to my door. There were a few items not in stock, but that's okay, they take it off your bill if that is the case. And they let you pay by bank card at the door!! Oh! And there is no delivery fee... just like with the restaurants. In fact, there are often better deals and discounts online. Um... LOVE IT! So, if you live in Turkey and want your groceries delivered... leave me a comment and I'll email you the details. It's an awesome service.
Now I gotta go and load my fridge with all my new, yummy goodies (I even ordered produce and they brought some amazingly good selections!).


Shaun Guthrie said...

That is awesome! Welcome to the awesome world of getting those every day items delivered right to your door!

Best thing I like about delivery of stuff to our door is no more picking up that huge ass Cat Litter box of 50lbs. Delivered right to our door!

Kristen said...

Jonathan's cousin in England rarely sets foot in an actual grocery store because of this service - she loves it!

myankara said...

You soooooo need to share the link for online grocery shopping!

AngelaMae said...

Here is the link for interested Ankara/Turkey folks: