Friday, February 18, 2011


One of my favourite parts of my job is being able to coach students. Teaching is incredibly special, but coaching takes you to a different level with students. And what I love is that I am working with an entirely different age group of students and am able to impact more students differently. A couple of weeks ago, our girl's basketball team played some very gracious members of our female staff and one member of our Parent Teacher Association. I am so grateful for these ladies coming out and helping our girls learn how to better play the game. I promised not to post any crazy pictures (and there were some) but I couldn't let this great moment pass without some recognition!!

The grown ups getting some pointers from my co-coach. I think she may have been telling to just make a big mess of things for our girls. I know I told them to do that!!

Working that ball around in passes.

I'm pretty sure that shot went in, but they were there for the rebound just in case.

Our girls bringing the ball down the court.

Our lovely spectators/score keepers/photographers! Thanks for taking the shots and keeping score. The BLIS ladies beat the teachers by 10 points and it was a great game. Can't wait until the next one, I'm playing for sure! <3


Erin said...

Thanks for not posting anything embarrassing :-)

AngelaMae said...

I would never do that to you guys... I want/need you to come back!!! ;)