Friday, November 19, 2010

Beypazarı, Türkiye

Beypazarı is a small, Ottoman styled town that is just outside of Ankara. It can be a quick day trip of looking, shopping and eating or you can extend it for a couple of days. I did it in a day, enjoy the pics:

This is me and my travel buddy, Kim. We were both saving money this holiday so that the next one can be more extravagant. It's just 6 TL each direction to get the bus to this little spot and it takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there. We are standing in front of a dried goods store. The long strips hanging down are intestines... ew!! hahaha I had to ask, right?

The whole town is pretty much these Ottoman houses. They are OLD!! And I liked this picture because you can see how they were constructed. They look beautiful when they are finished because you can't see that they seem to be made out of twigs. But here you can... interesting.

More Ottoman houses... beautiful, right?

The museum of culture and history. It was just an Ottoman house that had been restored.

One of the mosques in the town. It was just nestled into the neigbourhood.

A typical Turkish scene, men sitting down to drink tea and a woman making gözleme. Both are delicious, by the way.

This is the same dried goods store from the earlier picture. You can see the owner standing there. He was really helpful and nice.

Apparently this town is the carrot capital, as evidenced by the giant carrot I am pointing to! haha And I had the carrot juice, tasted exactly like a fresh carrot. Yummy... and they sell it on the streets everywhere for just 1 TL.

A bakery that we passed on our way from the bus to the square, I asked if I could take his picture, he nodded and proceeded to ignore me, guess I wasn't the first foreigner to ask! haha. He was making simit, a bagel-like breakfast food here that is beyond yummy!

This is right when we got off the bus... from this picture, the town looks like all the others, not special in any way... but don't let that fool you, across the road and up the street is like a time machine, you end up going back in time. This place is a MUST see if you come to Turkey!!

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Kristen said...

I love looking at your pictures and stories - great to see all sorts of parts of the world!