Saturday, May 29, 2010

Traipsing the countryside

So part of the joy of teaching overseas is the fact that you get to take off and see things that not everyone gets to see. As my time in the US comes to a close, I realized that I hadn't seen half of what I wanted to see... so I took a couple of days of work on Memorial Day weekend and decided to do the seeing!

I visited Arlington Nation Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. A student at a school I taught at is buried here under special permission. My going there was a way to honour him.

The White House.
The National Treasury.

The War Memorial in DC. I didn't make it to the wall... maybe another time.

Me and Lincoln... you know how it is... the former president asks you to take a shot with him and you gotta oblige! hahaha. I think Lincoln was WAY ahead of his times and I admire him greatly. I really wanted to see this memorial.

The Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool... just gorgeous, even with the clouds.

The Lincoln Memorial from the outside.

This is a picture of James Madison's house (Montpelier). He was also a former president of the US. It's just outside Orange, VA. The grounds are gorgeous and worth the visit but I'd skip the house tour for a couple of years. They are busy restoring it so there just isn't much in it.

The house of Thomas Jefferson (Monticello). Well worth the visit. The grounds are AMAZING, the house is super interesting and the tour guide was great. It is just outside of Charlottesville, VA.

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