Sunday, May 23, 2010

Teacher Recognition Banquet

So this past week I was invited to the county teacher recognition banquet, which was really lovely. The county pays money for a number of awards etc for teachers each year and pays for a really great dinner for all the teachers involved and the principals of all the schools. It was lovely, and it was lovely to be invited. However, my favourite part was that they tried their best to recognize me as a visiting international teacher... from... KOREA!! hahahaha It was hilarious because they made me stand up. I know that all those other people in there were wondering when did the white girl with the very white name come from Korea?! hahahaha I loved it. It was nice to be invited, but when I think about cost of everything and the lack of supplies etc in the schools and the lack of raises and the loss of jobs these days... well... I can't help but think this money might best be spent other ways until the economy recovers. I don't know.

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Kristen said...

That's fabulous! I dare them to find Gibsons on a map :o)