Friday, March 26, 2010

The things kids say....

I've always had students who have said things that have made me stop in my tracks (yes, swear words have been a larger number of those) or laugh out loud, but this year's class makes me belly laugh at least once a day and have often saved me from giving in to the hurt in my personal life (read the other blog - chronically single - to see that). This morning, one of my sweet little kids came in and was so excited because she had been to her big brother's concert the night before. She literally bubbled and flitted into class. It made me smile just to see and then our morning greeting went something like this:

Her: Miss Collins, I got to go to a concert last night!!!

Me: Oh wow, that's great!

Her: Yea, my brother was doin' it!

Me: So he was with the 4th graders?

Her: Yea! And he had a recordian... all the kids had a recordian!

Me (stifling a laugh): A recordian?

Her: Yea! The recordians were so cool...

Me: um... so it's a recorder, sweetie.

Her: Yea... recorder! (face red, laughing at herself)

I love my students... I have one who thinks that it is October or January every day and every day is Monday or Friday... I love her to pieces!!! *sigh* oh the things that kids say! Please share yours in my comments... I love sharing those funny stories.


AprilMay said...

Oh gosh...they say the cutest things! I can't remember many right now but I used to write about what my students said all the time in my blog!

Beautiful dreamer said...

It was the day before Christmas holidays. Cody was dressed up all spiffy. I complimented, "Wow, Cody, you look really nice today!" He huffed, "I looked nice YESTERDAY too!"

AngelaMae said...

hahahaha... I love that!