Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The New Place...

Okay... this is part of the living room in the new apartment. It's our little bar area. Nothing too crazy, just kind of fun.

This is the hallway leading to my roommate's bedroom.

This is from the hallway, facing into the living room. We get so much natural light. I love it!!!!

We have two entrances for our apartment. One is directly into the living room and the other is from the inside of the building into the hallway leading down into the apartment. This is the indoor entrance. We don't really use it for that so we kept it super simple with the decorations.

This is the hallway from the living room back towards that indoor entrance seen in the picture above.

This is our living room and going into the kitchen. Ignore the garbage in the kitchen, this was the first day we were finally done with the unpacking!

Okay... my favourite find for the new place? This bag caddy for the door!! This is the one in my room and my roomie has one too (Kelvin, aren't you happy that they aren't just laying all over the place? And my shoes are in neat containers under my bed)!!

This is my reading nook in my bedroom. It is very simple but I love it.

This is my bed... duh!! I made the bookshelf on the left all by myself though, pretty cool, eh?

My closet. It is a walk in and about twice what you see here. And it is almost completely full, although some of the stuff belongs to my roomie.... we share since she got the smaller room and closet.

This is the view of the tub made for giants!! I could barely reach the shower rod to hang my shower curtain. It was hilarious. I feel so little when I shower in there, and that is a very rare thing for me to feel.

The sink etc. I am pretty sure you all don't need a picture of my toilet, so I will stop the tour here. I hope you enjoyed seeing my little home... I really love being in it. It is so spacious and comfortable. I love it!!!

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