Sunday, May 3, 2009


Don't panic yet folks, because I kow I did and there wasn't a real need for me to. I never knew that this area of the US was in a tornado area. But, surprise surprise, it is! About a week or so ago we were warned that there would be a lot of storming in the area. Lately it has become quite warm (up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and the air has been dry. Well, I guess conditions were ripe for a tornado, but I wasn't worried... yet anyway! hahaha
Later on the evening, I checked the news and they began by saying that a tornado watch was in effect (big black clouds, wind and rain had moved in). A tornado watch simply means that conditions are ripe for a tornado... I had heard that before and still wasn't worried. I was getting used to this sort of weather. And then the Emergency Weather System went off on my TV... now a tornado warning was being issued (this means that a funnel cloud was seen in the area)!! Yikes! I pretty much panicked at this point and began searching online to see what I needed to do in event of an actual tornado. hehe. It was pretty silly when I look back on it, but it was the first time I had ever heard the Emergency Weather System go off.
So yea... If I don't live in a place that is technically a war zone (Korea) or close to a war zone (Oman when the second Gulf War started), I guess it is my lot to live where hurricanes and tornados can happen. *sigh* No rest for the wicked as they say ;) hehe

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Kristen said...

I think you are in danger of some sort anywhere you live...remember in BC it was earthquakes (Here we get tropical storms)