Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blogging for Andrew

This blog entry is dedicated to one of my students: Andrew G. I am his homebound teacher. Andrew is currently homebound because he has cancer and is fighting it with all his might. Andrew found out about his cancer when it was fairly far advanced... in fact, the doctors think he may have had the tumor for years but this year it became big enough to cause him some severe stomach pain. Finally he was diagnosed and the tumor was removed or mostly removed. I believe it was stage 3 or 4... From what I understand, if the chemo and radiation works the way that the doctors hope it will, Andrew won't have to have organ transplants... but if not, then he will be put on the lists.

Andrew is just 10 years old and is a wonderful boy. He is sweet, smart, funny and loving. I've only known him for a few weeks but he has my heart... hook, line and sinker. He has talked to me a time or two about his cancer and has said that he didn't ask for it, but it's here so... just fight!

But that isn't all. Andrew is also fighting the US medical and welfare system. His mother, who I have also grown to love, is a hard working single mom who is fortunate enough to have a great mother to support her somewhat and a boyfriend who is by her side, helping all he can. But because of her situation with Andrew, she is unable to work very much and isn't getting much help. Her other half works his tail off just to pay their rent (they share a 2 bedroom apartment with another couple and Andrew, just to make ends meet... while his older brother lives with the grandmother). Andrew just got approved for medicare well after his treatments had started. I don't know if medicare is going to back pay for his surgeries, radiation and LONG hospital stay or not but regardless, the bills are piling up. Andrew's family is doing what they can, even applying for food stamps (which they were denied because his mother "chose" not to work).

Anyway, I just wanted to share this story with you all... whoever you are. If you are a believer, please pray and if you aren't send your positive thoughts to Andrew and his family. They are struggling with a lot, but they smile a lot too. They inspire me.

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AprilMay said...

Oh that is so sad!! He sounds like such a sweetheart. :( Please keep us updated on how he is doing! I will pray for him and his poor mother.
And keep running girl! That is awesome!