Saturday, July 16, 2011

Renting Cars Internationally

Renting a car isn't always easy when you live in a foreign country. You may not be getting the best price because you don't speak the language or know which local company offers reliable cars for a decent price. And it's kind of a hassle to constantly be seeking help from your local friends. It puts pressure on them to get your stuff done in your timing and not theirs (and can be a strain on your friendship) and it removes some of your independence. Well, with all my summer travels (numerous entries coming soon), I found a way to regain my independence and leave my lovely Turkish friends alone. There is a website called Argus Rentals that is global and helps you to find the car you need at just about any price point you can imagine. They scan about 500 car companies world wide to help you find what you want. I was able to find cars to rent at great prices and it was super easy. I highly recommend this site, no matter where you are in the world if you need or want to rent a car!

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