Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kaş, Turkey

Kaş is an amazing location in the south of Turkey. It's on the Mediterranean coast and is about 3 hours or so outside of Antalya. The roads getting there are windy and run along the coastline so you get some pretty amazing views while you drive, but they are narrow roads with little room for passing (especially since there was a lot of road work going on when I drove through). Kaş is also famous for the tombs that are there (some are carved into the cliffs and some are just out in the streets). The market there is small but beautiful and even better at night. Lots of fresh seafood is available and it's a great location to just relax. We only spent a couple of nights there and didn't make use of the tiny cove-like beaches but enjoyed it nonetheless. Here is a look:

The famous house tombs, this one is in the market.

The Lycian tombs that are carved into the dramatic cliff sides.

The view from our hotel room. We were lucky enough to get the top floor (although we weren't lucky enough to have an elevator!!).

The harbour as seen from the end of the breakwater.

hehehe.... this is what we came home to after our first day there. We all cracked up as we found the beds decorated.


Gencman said...

WHAT?? You didn't swim in Kaş......? Wrong on so many levels....

AngelaMae said...

oh, we swam, just did it in the pool at the hotel. We had full intentions of actually hitting the adorable tiny beach near our hotel, but ran out of time from all the site seeing that we did.