Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring cometh... whoops! Maybe not!!

The other day, this was the site that greeted me as I opened my curtains. Warm sunshine, sunny blue skies and tiny little pink blossoms beginning to open on the tree in front of my balcony. Spring is my favourite season of the year with all it's newness and fresh colours. I love the way warmth creeps back into your cold bones and into your home. I love the way the warming earth smells even. So, needless to say I was excited and I was READY! Winter is my least favourite season... sure, I can appreciate the beauty of fluffy white snow on a crisp sunny day but the cold... I can't appreciate or love the cold. Not ever. I'm Canadian, this is true, but I have always hated to be cold. I'd rather be in a hot environment than a cold one so winter just isn't my cup of tea. But guess what I woke up to this morning? Yup... more winter. Seems that Ankara isn't as ready for the spring as I am. Blizzard like conditions are raging outside and we have no school tomorrow because of it (which I am immensely grateful for because today we did have school and it was cold and the power blinked about 4 times as well). Anyway... for those of you who love winter... enjoy, the forecast is for snow all week!!

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