Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011... so not the year of technology for me

Yup, that's right. Although, I can't really lay all the blame on 2011... 2010 played it's part too!! Actually, to be honest, I've always had a love/hate relationship with technology.

In late 2010, my laptop began to show signs of imminent heart failure and eventually died. I then took it to my neighbour who assured me he could fix it... then he assured me that it would take a new hard drive and a little more time than he originally thought... then he gave it to me and said it would limp along until summer. I rely on my computer for journaling, writing in general, communication, research, teaching resources and the list can go on and on... so to be without it is not just an inconvenience for me, it literally would cut me off from family and friends.

So I've been using my laptop that limps along for about 6 weeks now and have been thrilled with it. This morning I left it on (with a cooling fan underneath it) while I went to curl up in bed with my nook (don't even get me started on the tech drama that thing has caused me) to read for a little while. Then I came back out to check on something to find my computer sending strange messages about how it aborted life and all that good jazz. I shut it down, turned it back on and the same thing was appearing. I tried doing all the little diagnostics it asked me to but to no avail... it was simply... DEAD!!! *sigh* Such is life sometimes. So I shed a tear (it's been with me for 5 long years of ups and downs), unplugged it and then hustled down to Real (a shopping place near my house) to see what they had on offer. I knew I was going to be buying a new computer this summer and wanted to save up and get something fabulous but I just can't lug the sub-par laptop that the school gives us back and forth to school every day for the next 5 1/2 months. Just can't do it. So... I went, I looked, I even compared it with a tech shop nearby and came away with an Acer Netbook for about $324 taxes all included and it's all in English, with the exception of the keyboard. *sigh* I wasn't ready for this step, but I am so glad I took it. Love this little joby...

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