Sunday, October 24, 2010

UN Day

Today was UN Day all around the world and our school decided a little bit last minute to put together an event. And even though it wasn't long in the planning, it was really good. We had a flag parade, rooms representing different countries (including Canada), food from different places, and a ton of performances. It was really great (even if I had to be at work on a Sunday!!). Below are some pictures of the event. Enjoy!!

That's right... see that BEAUTIFUL red and white? *sigh* Love the maple leaf!!

The flags all gathering to hear a speech.

Part of the student orchestra performing some Mozart.

Another school on campus sent over students trained in traditional Turkish dance... very cool.

Our director helping to represent Nigeria, next to one of our teachers who is from Nigeria... the drums were AWESOME!!

That's right... Betsy Ross was there too... check out that flag!! hehehe There was also a sheriff, Susan B. Anthony and Mr. Barrack Obama made an appearance too! ;) The US room was pretty cool.

Kids performing a Japanese song "Ame, Ame" in the Far East Asia room! They were a little quiet, but super cute!!

I think that next year it'll be amazing! We had a great turnout from parents and some good support from the embassies... Fun times!!

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Kristen said...

That's so cool - we went to the UN during our last mission trip to NY and I had such a good time taking Elijah around to pray for different countries