Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's a Jungle Out There!!

Hehehe... I couldn't help it! Thanks to my friend, Sophia, my students got to have a pseudo rain forest in their classroom to help get them in the mood for their Unit of Inquiry projects. It was fun to make it and I think we just might keep it up for the next unit which is about plants!! ;) Check out the pictures... all things were made by either me or Sophia...well, there are some shots of the stuff the kids made too!!

Yup... thems is vines coming down from my ceiling!! hehe

A parrot... the kids want another one and a lizard... I promised so, there will be animal additions in the coming week!!

A monkey for my little monkeys!!

The toucan makes me think of my students... they are so loud!! hahaha And you know kids, they repeat what they hear!

The ghetto trees that I am beginning to LOVE.

My student's interpretation of a rain forest dwelling... notice the thatching on the roof!?

Ah yes... rain forest food!! Love it... these kids are so talented, smart and FUN!!

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