Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Test, Test, Test

That is the most frustrating thing about teaching in the public system in the US. When I was in Korea, we did some testing, focused WAY too heavily on academics and little to no services for students with any kind of special needs, but we didn't over test the children. We always had money (I know, it's easier to have cash when parents are paying ridiculous school tuition and fees) and resources coming out of our ears and the kids were exposed to some of the best stuff. We were made to work very hard as teachers in regards to creating curriculum, professional development, creating new and exciting ways to present the curriculum, and on and on... But, we were never expected to test and test and test the children. I teach Kindergarten and I am overwhelmed with all the testing (yes, paper tests) that is required for 5-6 year-olds. It is just INSANE!!! *sigh* Just need to get that off my chest. I don't know if the government really believes that stressing the children out will turn out a better education, but I don't... because it won't!

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Kristen said...

I've been wondering about American Kindergarten after seeing some concerned Mommy posts on some parenting threads I'm on. I know Elijah's kindergarten is quite academic, but it sounds like theirs is even more so - shoot me an email sometime if you can (and have time) to outline it for me? Some of what I had read sounded quite rediculous, they are 5!